Youth Training Program

Youth Training is a customized program that sets the foundation for athletic performance with proper age-level training techniques and corrections. Youth Training is a necessity for any young person who wants to advance foundation athletic skills that will help them stand beyond their competition.

Young Adult Training Program

Young Adult training is a customized program specific to the athlete’s sport/sports, position, needs, and goals. This high-level training aims to develop an athlete’s specific talents, while at the same time turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Professional Athlete Training

Professionals in sports ranging from football, basketball, baseball, to soccer come to NST’s state-of-the-art facilities for expert training, privacy and an atmosphere in which they are accustomed. Get speed development, weight training, recovery, regeneration, nutrition, prehab/rehab, and skill training all in one spot.

Team Training

Team Training finds its potential in support— the encouragement of a personal trainer with the reinforcement of a group. Our team sports training program is designed specifically to the sport, team needs, and clear goals.

A sportsman jumping high and his friends pointing him out


Here at NST Sports, we are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create the world’s most effective fitness training system.
We ensure our athletes are accountable, safe, and maximize their potential.

Andrew Coblentz
Hoover High School Baseball Player

Improved speed by (half a second) while also gaining 25 pounds of muscle

Ella Burris
Lost 75 pounds

Taylor Mikesell
Oregon Duck Basketball Guard

Increased Vertical Jump (1 Foot)


NST works with athletes and teams ages 6- Professional focusing on Speed, Vertical, Strength, Power and Injury Prevention. NST enhances these components by utilizing Science, Physics, Mathematics, Biomechanics, and Character Development.